Pray For Revival
Ask any church leader why America--or the churches in general
or a denomination in particular or all Christians--does not (do not)
have revival and the answers will usually come out to something
 like: "We're not praying," or "We're not praying hard
enough," or "This takes prayer and fasting."

Obtaining Real Revival

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Ray Comfort has preached in over 700 churches. His video teachings have been viewed by over 30,000 pastors. Millions of his gospel tracts are distributed every year. He has written over 30 books, including Hells Best Kept Secret, which has sold more than 100,000 copies. Ray Comfort makes his home in the city of Bellflower in Southern California. Visit him  at

There is a great host of preachers who have literally cast aside the message of the cross of Jesus Christ! Be warned: It doesn't matter what anyone tells you about a great "revival" or moving of the Spirit taking place; it doesn't matter how many multitudes are involved, or how loud their praises are; it doesn't matter how "successful" a particular ministry may appear to be. If the cross of Jesus Christ is not the door through which people come, you can rest assured - it is not a work of God.

A 40-Day Prayer Guide for Revival and Spiritual Awakening

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The Revival Hymn

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